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Often we see a bathroom as such a small part of our home only used for personal needs, however, it is a place to enjoy one’s personal space where you get to enjoy your “me time”. Whether you love coming home to a relaxing bubble bath to relieve the stress of the work day or prefer standing under a hot shower with the water gushing all over your skin, our bathrooms play an integral part in our day.

If you’re looking to elevate your Santa Cruz home interior, a bathroom remodel can do just that. An outdated bathroom can ruin the whole look and feel of your home. Say goodbye to ghastly pink tiles and that matching bath and toilet today.

Besides making you feel like you’re living in the 50s as well as being an eye-sore for potential buyers when you are ready to sell, a bathroom renovation is a great way to get creative and have some fun with your likes, preferences and overall design taste.

Let us take a look at why a bathroom model in your Santa Cruz home is a great idea:

It gives you a 102% return when selling – A minor remodel to a bathroom in a Santa Cruz home would involve replacing the bath, vanity, toilet, fixtures and tiles. A bathroom is one of the most important rooms that buyers look at in a home. It is for this reason that it is always advisable to keep in mind the current home décor trends to ensure your new look will remain fresh for years to come.

Save money in the long run – simple replacements of leaving taps and water-saving toilets and water heaters can have a significant impact on your pocket for your future utility costs.

Create a stress-free hub – A bathroom remodel enables you to create a personal sanctuary. Choose to unwind in a stylish and classy bathroom instead of an unattractive space.

Reduce clutter – Older, poorly designed bathrooms have a lot of clutter. With a remodel, you can increase your storage areas with modern vanities and cabinets.

When it comes down to remodeling a bathroom in Santa Cruz, California, hiring a contractor in Santa Cruz to assist you is a must. Offering a practical approach to functionality and design as well as the necessary trade skills to get your bathroom in tip-top shape, a Santa Cruz bathroom remodeling contractor can help you go from drab to fab.

Bathroom renovations require thorough planning and the expertise of reputable Santa Cruz bathroom remodeling contractors. Many factors such as space, design and most importantly budget need to be considered before “jumping in”.

What does a bathroom remodeling contractor in Santa Cruz do?

Licensed Santa Cruz remodeling contractors specialise in altering the structure of your bathroom space as opposed to building from scratch. This often can get quite complicated as the contractor has to deal with previous builders’ work.

Bathroom remodels have a variety of fixtures that require careful planning and installation such as toilets, baths and taps that all need to be connected to a water supply and drainage.

A bathroom remodeling contractor will also translate architectural plans into a practical vision. Similar to a general contractor, a bathroom remodeling contractor in Santa Cruz takes on the responsibility of the entire project. From hiring sub-contractors and purchasing the necessary materials and ensuring the project runs smoothly from start to finish. Bathroom remodeling contractors will also know the California building codes and current architecture, design and product trends.

When sourcing and considering a bathroom remodeling contractor, be sure to ask the following questions to any prospective Santa Cruz bathroom remodeling contractor:

– How long have been in the bathroom remodeling business?

– How many projects similar to mine have you completed?

– Who will be working with you on this project?

– Could you provide me with references for previous work done?

– Are you and your employees licensed and insured?

– Please supply me with a written cost estimate for this job?

– How long will this job take to be completed?

– How does the costing work for materials and parts?

– What happens when the project goes over budget?

– Do you have any concerns about this project?

Why should you hire a bathroom remodeling contractor?

Deciding where to place your bathtub, shower or vanity to ensure that it fits correctly into your bathroom is crucial. Many homeowners make this mistake by thinking that they can do it themselves until the project is complete and they realise they have misused the entire space. An experienced Santa Cruz bathroom remodeling contractor is not only a vetted contractor but will help blueprint the space based on industry standards and best practices.

A bathroom remodeling contractor will also help establish if there are any previously leaking floors and walls as well as provide further insulation to prevent water damage. For state-of-the-art, luxurious features such as high-tech toilets and modern vanities will also require the expertise of an experienced Santa Cruz bathroom remodeling contractor.

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