Bathroom Renovations in Santa Cruz

We spend a lot of time in our bathroom, so it should be a place we enjoy. A bathroom is that magical part of the home that can add a little lift to the beginning and end of your day. It should be inspiring and tranquil. Without updating your entire home, a simple bathroom face-lift will give your home the rejuvenation you are looking for.

Whether you’re looking for something a bit more lavish like hydrotherapy tubs and top-of-the-range spacious showers or opting for a more sustainable bathroom solution by changing up the materials and finishes in your current bathroom, a bathroom renovation is an amazing opportunity to modernize your home and update its functionality.

Planning a bathroom renovation takes a great deal of creativity and energy and ultimately excitement, however, there is a lot to consider before you jump in. You will want to consider a design that is timeless and fits your style. Let’s look at a few tips on things to consider before renovating, and working with your contractor as well as some great ideas on how to maximise

Bathroom Renovations

Things to consider before your start


Great news – when it comes to bathroom renovations there are a variety of ways in which to maximise your budget without compromising on style. Dress up the room with an attractive piece of art or repaint your vanity for a simple, yet effective face-lift. Look at creative ways to display some of your items, such as in mason jars or old vases. Getting creative with your budget and your style will not only save you a whole bunch but will also get the creative juices flowing.


In the initial planning of your bathroom renovation, think about the colours, patterns and textures that make you feel good. Inspiration is all around you. From browsing the internet for ideas to re-painting the walls or a piece of furniture in the room, simple changes can have the biggest effects.

Enjoyment for years to come

When it comes to selecting large ticket items in a bathroom renovation such as fixtures, bathtub or shower, try not to only select items that are trendy right now. If you are planning to stay in your home for the next 20 years, you’ll want a bathroom that doesn’t date, a timeless room. Look at functionality, style and importantly quality when choosing your fixtures as you’ll want to make sure they last for many years to come.

Choosing a bathroom contractor in Santa Cruz

If you are going to be using a contractor for your bathroom renovation, it is important to make sure that you and the contractor share your vision. Research all your potential bathroom contractors before selecting your favourite. This can include getting some testimonials and work examples from clients. If you require your bathroom renovation completed by a certain date, be sure to communicate this upfront so that the contractor is aware and can communicate if any delays will be experienced.

Here are some questions to ask:

– Can I see photos from previous projects you have worked on that are similar to my project

– What materials do you recommend for this project

– Are you licensed by the building authorities and do you have the necessary insurance?

– How long will my bathroom renovation take?

– How does payment work?

Whether you are wanting to make small changes to your current bathroom or completely renovate the space, a bathroom renovation can completely transform your home. They are also known for being the most expensive of renovations throughout the home as they often come with a huge premium in terms of fixtures and fittings.

If you take the time to plan well and are smart with your design choices, a brand new, affordable bathroom is completely attainable.

Let’s take a look at a few clever ideas to help your money go further and get you that dream bathroom:

Planning, planning, planning

The saying “the devil is in the detail” can not ring truer for bathroom renovations. Without proper planning, a simple renovation can turn into a costly and time-consuming project. Start with planning your layout, plumbing and fixtures as these are big ticket items and will most likely take up the bulk of your budget.

Simplicity is key

If at all possible try to stick to the current layout of the bathroom with the current plumbing set-up. This is the best way to keep costs contained. They are a multitude of ways to refresh a bathroom without completely breaking it down. Tiling, fixtures, and a fresh coat of paint can renew the space completely.

Cost-effective look-a-likes

There are plenty of affordable materials that can be used in place of the more expensive alternatives. Replace marble countertops with more affordable ceramic options and opt for vinyl flooring instead of wood planking or even tiles. Some of these simple substitutes can save you thousands in the long run.