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Santa Cruz California is the epitome of the perfect place to live, it’s no wonder it keeps making the list of the best places to live. There are very few places in the world where you can surf world-class waves, be able to go hiking and biking in nature, have your pick of some of the country’s most epic organic produce and go whale watching all in a day.

Set upon the northern edge of Monterey Bay, the seaside town of Santa Cruz boasts unrivalled mild weather, a world-famous boardwalk complete with a roller-coaster, sustainably sourced cuisine and epic craft beer as well as legendary nightlife. What’s not to love?

This beach-side holiday town has over 265 000 residents and has seen a 5.2% population growth in the last decade. With all this growth it presents itself as one of the best locations to invest in property.

With the rise of vacation rental giants such as Airbnb, booking.com and Agoda to name a few, there are so many ways to safely rent a property anywhere in the world. This has led to more and more property owners investing in vacation homes. Over the past few years, we have also seen a trend in the Santa Cruz property market of people wanting to rent a property to buy.

As one of the best places to own property in the world, this makes the Santa Cruz property market very competitive. The average price of a home in the area could set you back $1.4 million.

Now that you know that owning or investing in property in Santa Cruz is a no-brainer, let us establish if it’s best to buy a new home or renovate an existing one.

Start by identifying what is important to you in a property. Is the idea of a fully-customisable eco-friendly home in your sights or are you looking for a place in the heart of the town close to all amenities? Before deciding, consider the following:

– Location is everything: You might not be able to find your ideal home with everything complete in the neighbourhood that is right for you. As long as the location is perfect, it’s nothing a home renovation can’t fix.

– Timing: If you are set on moving in on specific date then building a new home should be out of the question as it often extends over the deadline. If you are not flexible in timing, a home renovation in Santa Cruz would be best.

– Re-sale value – If you are wanting to re-sell your property in the future it would be best to buy an existing house and renovate it.

What to consider when looking for an investment property:

– Opt for the best location possible

– Bigger is not always better

– Try stick with 3 bed, 2 bath, single story family homes in Santa Cruz

– Keep your rental property close to where you stay

Whether it is for investment purposes, or your benefit, renovating a home is not only exciting but ultimately rewarding. Let us take a look at some of the best reasons to renovate a Santa Cruz home:

Improve the functionality of the home

A home renovation in Santa Cruz allows you to customise the home completely to your needs and wants to make it more enjoyable. Whether you want to completely transform the spare bedroom into a home theatre or make the kitchen more functional, a home renovation ensures you get to redesign the space according to your needs.

Reduce your utility costs

Santa Cruz house renovation often assists in saving on electricity bills. The reason for this is that in most cases you will upgrade appliances to energy-efficient ones resulting in a great saving on your utility bill.

Increase property value

Simple remodelling changes like changing out windows to aluminium ones, replacing old doors with modern ones or revamping your kitchen can increase the property value of the home.

Add more space

With the help of a Santa Cruz home renovation expert, you’ll be able to convert unused areas of the home into play areas, grocery storage areas or even a dedicated man cave.

Whether you are looking to upgrade the general style of the home and in doing so increase the property value or simply want to find more space for your growing family there are so many benefits to investing in a home renovation in the breathtaking coastal town of Santa Cruz.

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