How to Convert a Garage into an Accessory Dwelling Unit

The garage is where most homeowners keep their stuff. Why throw away that valuable room when you could turn it into a usable apartment?
Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on top of your garage is a win-win solution that will enable you to convert unused space into long-term home equity.
You can join the new wave of housing innovation and build a tiny home with a little planning, some land, and/or a garage that can be converted into an ADU.
This will benefit both your community and your cash account.
California is experiencing a severe shortage of affordable housing, so the state’s authorities have been looking for ways to increase the number of high-quality homes while still protecting neighborhoods and the environment.
California used to be the great frontier, with thousands of miles of gorgeous, uninhabited country, but now every square inch is valuable.
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