Important Advantages of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

What advantages come with adding an ADU to your home? What advantages does an ADU offer?

1. Boost your property’s worth and prospective resale value.
ADU construction is frequently done by homeowners to raise the value of their homes. When you consider all the additional benefits this sort of living unit offers, the construction cost may seem minimal.

2. Earn Income with a Rental PropertyAn ADU is a fantastic method to make extra money from your property. You have the option of setting it up as a long-term rental to earn money over time or a short-term rental to help with costs like mortgage payments.

3. Visitors from the Other States
For people who enjoy having guests over but don’t have enough space at home, a detached additional living unit is the ideal answer. While they reside in an ADU with comfy mattresses and solitude, you will still be able to afford your own room.

4. Affordable Housing
You can provide your adult children a separate space where they can start establishing independence and saving money by using a detached ADU. Additionally, it serves as a great stepping stone for them while their lives are in transition.