Is there a minimum lot size requirement or Is there a limit on the number of bedrooms for ADU?

No. While local governments may impose standards on ADUs, these standards shall not include minimum
lot size requirements. Further, lot coverage requirements cannot preclude the creation of a statewide
exemption ADU (800 square feet ADU with a height limitation of 16 feet and 4 feet side and rear yard
Is there a limit on the number of bedrooms?
State ADU law does not allow for the limitation on the number of bedrooms of an ADU. A limit on the
number of bedrooms could be construed as a discriminatory practice towards protected classes, such as
familial status, and would be considered a constraint on the development of ADUs.
If lot coverage requirements do not allow such an ADU, an automatic exception or waiver
should be given to appropriate development standards such as lot coverage, floor area or open space
requirements. Local governments may continue to enforce building and health and safety standards and
may consider design, landscape, and other standards to facilitate compatibility.
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