Kitchen Renovation In Sunnyvale California

For any homeowner, renovating your kitchen is not only one of the most exciting projects you will ever undertake but also one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. From brand-new carpentry and flooring to new appliances and countertops, these all go a long way in improving the style of your home and in the long term, increasing the resale value of the home.

For even, the most experienced “Do it yourself” masters, remodeling a kitchen is a renovation that requires a professional. You should look at hiring a kitchen renovation specialist in Sunnyvale California. They will ensure that the idea you have in your head is translated into a beautiful masterpiece.

A kitchen renovation is an investment in your home and it is essential to ensure you get it right the first time. A small renovation normally includes new cupboard doors, a fresh coat of paint or replacing a few appliances, while a full-scale large kitchen renovation can include completely changing the layout, including an island and laying new flooring. Any type of renovation that includes electrical, plumbing or construction work should be completed by a Sunnyvale renovation professional.

From brand-new stylish cupboards, granite countertops or state-of-the-art finishes and appliances, no matter how big or how small of a kitchen renovation you are conducting in your Sunnyvale home, the promise of a new kitchen is extremely exciting.

As most people know, kitchen renovations can be quite complex. So, before you go full speed ahead, take a look at the following important points when considering and planning your ideal kitchen renovation:

It can be expensive

If you are looking for a complete kitchen renovation, be prepared to lay out anything between $15 000 – $50 000. In Sunnyvale California most homeowners pay around $38 000 for a complete kitchen renovation, depending on the type of cabinets used. Cabinets on their own can easily cost $10 000. By working closely with your kitchen renovation contractor, you can come up with budget-friendly solutions to ensure you get something both functional and stylish.

Layout is everything

The perfect layout for a kitchen involves being able to access the fridge, stove and sink without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. It should be functional but look good too. Make sure that the kitchen renovation contractor considers what they call the “kitchen triangle” when planning the space for you.

More than one oven is not just for caterers

If you are a self-proclaimed Masterchef or have a large family, you should consider a second oven. This will ensure you don’t have to wait for parts of your meal to finish cooking before being able to start on other food items. If your budget allows, consider putting in 2 ovens. This additional oven can also be inserted into the wall.

Think twice about stone countertops

Although they might look stunning, stone countertops are not always the best choice. They can easily get damaged or burned if you are not careful. Rather opt for something a bit more functional that can still achieve the look you want instead of worrying about damaging your countertops.

Backsplash is everything

Backsplash has become such a key component of any Sunnyvale kitchen renovation. Not only does add it that finishing touch, but it is completely functional too. As the wall behind the stove and sink is always being splashed or messed on, the backsplash ensures that you don’t have to continually repaint this area and keeps it looking great all the time. The backsplash is always a great idea.

Opt for a double sink

From a functional perspective, a double sink is a great idea for those homeowners who prefer to wash dishes by hand. A double sink ensures you have one basin accessible while the other one is being used for washing up.

Emergency Funds

As in life – whatever can go wrong, will. It is with this mentality that if possible, to have a few thousand dollars saved up for emergencies that might happen during your kitchen renovations. Unforeseen circumstances often present themselves in the renovation process, so it’s always advisable to have a bit of saved-up cash for such emergencies.

Renovating your Sunnyvale kitchen is without a doubt worth all the effort and money. It is known that a kitchen sells a home and therefore a remodel will add immense value to any home.

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