Kitchen Remodeling

Ready for the kitchen of your dreams? Give your kitchen a face-lift with remodeling and renovation services from OCA Builders.
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From cabinets, to counter materials, and flooring, we want your updated kitchen to match your sense of style, and the needs of your family.  Maybe you’re an avid cooker, or maybe you’re a coffee connoisseur.  Whatever the reason, OCA Builders can make any idea come to life in your kitchen.

Kitchen Features

Kitchen Cabinets

These are cupboard with drawers and shelves for use in a kitchen. Cost varies by the type of materials.

Smart Storage

Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens optimizing and organizing for space. 

Open Shelving

Open shelves have become a sort of decorator’s standard. It gives the kitchen a more spacious feel. 


Ceramic and Porcelain Tile are a couple of the best option. All porcelain and glazed ceramic tile stand up well against water.


Freestanding piece of cabinetry mostly used for extra space if there isn’t  enough on the countertop area. 


There are so many options for kitchen flooring. The best would be wood, tile, cork, vinyl. Also depending on the traffic in the area.


The paint of your kitchen will dictate the mood of the room. Choosing the best colors and textures gives the room its character.

Lights & Fixtures

Kitchen light fixtures come in a variety of styles & finishes. Ceiling lights and fixtures can really enhance the kitchen design.

Every Kitchen Is Different

OCA builders designs kitchens purely from scratch to suit your taste.  We start out with blueprints and initial designs to make sure the kitchen is exactly as it should be before we even start the remodeling process.  When you walk in to your brand new, re-imagined kitchen, you’ll see the attention to detail that OCA Builders puts into your kitchen project.  In addition to being exactly as you envisioned it, we make sure the space is clean and ready to use. 

Kitchen Projects

Check out our kitchen projects so that you can get an idea of how our remodeling process works from beginning to end.

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