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The state of California has always been famous for its golden beaches, spectacular coastline and tourist-like lifestyle, but this sunny state has more to offer than pristine beaches and outdoor activities. Busting with vibrant restaurants, modern homes and world-class cultural attractions, California’s cities offer something for everyone.

One of these magnificent cities in Sunnyvale. Hidden between well-known attractions like Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada, this little gem of the city offers so much to do and see. With a strong agricultural heritage, Sunnyvale has a culture of generational sustainable farming which comes through in all of its local attractions.

The Sunnyvale Farmers Market happens every week and is a family favourite among the community. From browsing the streets for unique art pieces or taking a more scenic route along one of the adventure trails in one of the gorgeous parks, the city of Sunnyvale is a Californian hidden gem.

ADU Kitchen

The city also boasts a relatively young population with the average citizens being in their mid 30’s, making it the perfect place to raise a family. For many families building an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) to accommodate a growing family or to provide accommodation for older parents or family members has been the ideal solution to keeping a close-knit family.

ADUs in Sunnyvale have always been popular as homeowners are always looking for ways to maximise their property. Within the year 2020, the city of Sunnyvale allowed a total of 137 ADU projects to its residents.

The city of Sunnyvale allows residents to build detached ADUs, attached ADU or junior ADUs. These versions may be newly constructed or converted from existing space. As per legislation, all single-family homes are permitted to construct at least one ADU. On properties that have a multi-family structure, up to two ADUs are allowed.

Whether you’re renovating an existing space or building an ADU from scratch, choosing an ADU construction company in Sunnyvale is a big decision. Be sure to check for a building license for any prospective companies you are looking at hiring. In addition to a license, make sure you look into the following items to ensure you find a construction building company that you can trust and work together with

What is an ADU in California?

ADU speciality:

As you are doing your research you are most likely going to find that various builders tend to specialise in either prefab ADU units or stick-built units. When considering which option you want to go with, remember to consider the following:


Prefab ADUs

More cost-effective

Less noise

Building conditions controlled off-site

Strict inspections


Stick-built ADUs

More pricey

Require architect or general contractor

High customisation

The project tends to be very disruptive/noisy

Timelines tend to be inconsistent due to weather delays

Pricing structure

For almost everyone these days, price is one of the biggest considerations when building an ADU in Sunnyvale. Prefab housing units are often the most popular due to their affordability. Although they have their advantages, stick-built ADU solutions often work out to double the price of their prefab counterpart.



Be sure to ensure that your builder confirms the highest quality standards and that they conform to HUD (Urban Housing and Development) US regulations. These codes and regulations ensure consistency, uniformity and durability of all accessory dwelling units.




Often the urgency of your project will also determine the type of ADU that you will go for. Prefab ADUs offer the best turnaround times if you are looking to have something up as quickly as possible.


Customer Service

When considering an ADU contractor in Sunnyvale, one of the best pieces of advice is to ask around for referrals and testimonials. It is always comforting to get great reviews on a service provider you are considering hiring. Customer service goes a long way in building a relationship with a client and makes the difference between a stressful project and an enjoyable one.

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