What are the three types of kitchen remodels?

Knowing what each category includes can help you communicate with designers and contractors about what you truly want and where the money should g.o Let’s take a closer look at the three primary categories of kitchens to remodel and what each one entails.

1. Minor/Small Kitchen Remodel
Because it’s essentially cosmetic work, a small or basic kitchen redesign is often the easiest and least expensive. For first-time homeowners on a tight budget or for people who believe their kitchen is perfectly functional but only needs a facelift, minor kitchen remodels are great.

2. Partial or Mid-range Kitchen Remodel
More work is necessary than a straightforward update in the medium tier of kitchen remodeling. When the general appearance and, to some extent, the functional capacity of the kitchen are obsolete, homeowners may choose a moderate kitchen renovation.

3. Major or Luxurious Kitchen Remodel
The most difficult and expensive kind of kitchen design job is a big renovation. Remodeling an upscale kitchen often entails expanding the room, creating a new and superior floor plan, and moving wiring, gas lines, or plumbing. Almost everything is altered or replaced, usually with the finest materials, finishes, and appliances, as well as highly customized proportions and shapes.