The types of ADU in California?

Do you know the the types of ADUs in California?

They are 4 types: Detached ADU, Attached ADU, Junior ADU, and Conversion.

Detached ADU- Transform your backyard with a brand new unit. ADUs that are independent of any other buildings on a property are cottages built in the backyard. Detached ADUs are excellent for preserving a renter’s privacy or for preserving a family’s independence when they share a home. The quality or condition of the primary residence or garage is not a factor in new construction because these apartments stand apart from the main house in their own open space.

Attached ADU- Add a new dwelling space to the main residence. In-law suites or rental properties attached to the main house or another building are referred to as attached ADUs. The primary reason why homeowners choose attached ADUs is to maximize their lot coverage by doing away with any setbacks between the granny flat and the main residence. Remember that attached ADUs can necessitate fire-rated separations between the ADU and the primary single-family home, adding cost and raising the possibility that the wall between the main house and the ADU needs to be updated.

JADU- A single-family home’s current, legally permissible bedroom can be converted to form a junior accessory dwelling unit (JADU), which is an additional, independent living space.

Conversion: Convert an existing garage, basement, or bedroom. ADUs that have been converted into an existing home’s structure are ADUs. The majority of Conversion ADUs in California are garage conversions, however, there are other possibilities, such as turning a spare bedroom, attic, or basement into an additional rental unit.

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