5 Tips for the perfect Bathroom in your ADU

You begin and end each day in the bathroom. You get out of bed, go to the bathroom, wash your hands, take a shower, brush your teeth, and style your hair.
You should cleanse the day from your skin, brush your teeth, wash your face or remove your makeup, then apply any creams or moisturizers before getting ready for bed.
Every ADU is required to have access to at least one restroom by law.
The placement and design of the bathroom is crucial to the efficiency of any floor plan, whether it be a studio, 1-bedroom, or 2-bedroom ADU space. here are5 tips that will help you choose your ADU bathroom wisely.
1. Keep It Simple
In a small space, avoid using furnishings and wall paint in dark or clashing colors. Stick to light colors and a monochromatic color scheme to prevent the impression that you’re in a cave. As an illustration, soft gray walls are really in right now.
2. Add a Splash of Color
Not using color or flair doesn’t imply you have to keep the walls and trim light. A patterned rug gives the floor texture and color. This color scheme makes upgrading your bathroom simple if you grow tired of the way it looks in the future: all you have to do is switch out your linens and accessories for an entirely new appearance and feel.
3. Create the Illusion of Height
Visually raising the bathroom ceiling will give the impression that the space is larger overall, and creating this effect is straightforward. Heavy, dark crown molding would overpower a small room, therefore it should be replaced with thinner crown molding painted to match the ceiling.
4. Think Reflectivity
Your bathroom will appear larger the more light there is in there. Mirrors are the most obvious place to start because they are intentionally reflected surfaces.
5. Rethink Storage
Start by minimizing the number of items you keep in the bathroom because there never seems to be enough room for everything you want to keep there. You can keep additional towels, supplies for cleaning, toilet paper, and tissue boxes in a closet in the neighboring hallway or bedroom.
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