What is an ADU in California?

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) is an innovative, affordable, effective option for adding much-needed housing in California. ADUs are required to comply with all applicable Building Codes and Residential Codes.

You no longer need to live in either the primary home or the unit itself to build an ADU. This is a key change benefiting investors and landlords, because they can now apply for ADUs for their rental and investment properties. Any ADU approved before January 1, 2025 (when the legislation is up for review) will be exempt from any potential future owner-occupancy restrictions

An Accessory Dwelling Unit requires extensive planning and intricate construction. Most of our ADU projects are finished in less than a year, from the first contact to the last inspection. The ADU Design/Build procedure we employ is as follows:

Determine Your eligibility:

To determine whether your property is eligible for an ADU, take the first step. To find out if you may add an ADU to your property, the maximum square footage permitted, and the property setbacks in place that will affect where you can put an ADU, get in touch with your city or county planning department.

Consultation with the contractor:

Our inspector must visit your property in order to do the comprehensive measurement and accurate estimations for your ADU. Following that, we’ll design your ADU in 3D. After receiving them, our designer will produce a complete 3D model of your ADU and make a series of adjustments. If you like the model, we’ll give you a thorough price estimate.


After the final contract is signed and the sketches are finished, our team will submit a construction permit application to your neighborhood planning office. The time it takes to obtain licenses varies depending on the project, but in general, allow 10 to 16 weeks until we gain permission.


Your patience is crucial because it will take months to complete your dream ADU once we start construction after receiving the materials and the permit.

At OCA Builders, we make sure to serve you with comprehensive, high-quality, and high-end results. Come and work with us, let’s bring your dream ADU into reality!

Contact us now if you have any questions regarding your ADU project.

We will guide you through the full process from designing to the ready-to-use phase 😊